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Merkaba and Cosmic Travelling

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

A merkaba is a crystalline geometry of light enclosing and protecting each living being*.

The merkaba is the vehicle and structure holding a being’s consciousness. Consciousness creates your being and experience in the dense physical of Earth.

Beings whose merkaba is compromised feel compromised, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually – or altogether.

The merkaba is not the same as your aura but they are interconnected.

We need an intact merkaba to act out our purpose as spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth – and with Earth.

The function of the merkaba has been updated as part of the Shift in frequency. It is designed to hold an ever-growing level of consciousness and an ever-growing take of your soul’s essence and cosmic self.

Beginning around the Supermoon of August 2023, those who have chosen to work as Ambassadors of Light will feel an upsurge in their merkaba status; this process started on the first full moon of August. As a result, they may integrate an ever-increasing share of their cosmic essence. Their merkaba status may reach up to 1,200 percent as compared to the 100 percent of a “regular” human being with an intact merkaba.

Addition on 4 September 2023: The merkaba status of members of the Conree and Oblan kingdom on Earth may reach 3,000 percent. Deva aspects in human form may reach 5,000 percent. This is due to their specific tasks and make-up and their access to all 24 dimensions known so far. People serving as partial walk-ins like all NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY co-teachers do will exceed those levels.

I asked LORD MAITREYA some questions to clarify these recent events:

Katharina: What do we have to expect from this?

MAITREYA: This is preparation for cosmic travel.

Katharina: What do you mean?

MAITREYA: You will need to meet up with your cosmic brethren. All of you have soul family beyond Earth – you will meet with them (during meditation or other practice) to prepare you for your ultimate job on Earth.

Katharina: Is this the only effect?

MAITREYA: There’s more to it. It marks the end of life as a regular human being and the beginning of life as a cosmic being on Earth.

Katharina: What does that mean?

MAITREYA: It means you will be in 100 percent service mode as part of your divine mission. It means full support by, and working with, your cosmic soul family, through one's merkaba. That’s what you came here to be and do. You will know – consciously and in ease – who you are and what you came here to do. This is the end of illusion on your part.

* The definition of “living being” is wider than people typically expect as it includes all kingdoms that call Earth their home. These are: the deva kingdom, the plant and mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom, the Conree and Oblan kingdom, and the human kingdom.


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