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Masters of Higher Intuition and Guidance

Einstein, Tesla, John F. Kennedy, Hildegard von Bingen, Goethe, Max Planck, Princess Diana, Maria Callas, Winston Churchill, Marie Curie, Catherine the Great, Rilke, Tolkien, Picasso, Vivaldi.

They were ingenious because they knew how to harness the power of masterly intuition and personal guidance from higher planes to further their goals and higher mission.

You too can do matchless work and accomplish the impossible once you embrace and bring into play precise intuition as well as spiritual connection and guidance.


My service will help business people, scientists, researchers, explorers, decision-makers and healers gain: 

  • Higher guidance in making groundbreaking decisions as well as solutions that point the way to the future

  • The opportunity to be an integral part of the larger scheme of life and creation

  • The possibility to share work with "Upstairs" to accelerate and amplify processes tenfold

We all share responsibility for our future. Through direct guidance from higher planes, we can live up to our own aspirations – and go beyond.

about Katharina Adari

Since my firm energetic bond with Yeshua (Jesus), Mother Mary, Lord Maitreya and other Master Teachers such as Hilarion, Kuthumi and Osiris was established, I have been active as an anchor of these beings from higher planes, serving numerous professional groups in Germany and all over the world.

Through my reunion and continued working with the Master Teachers, the effects of the energy healing techniques I have learnt internationally have increased and expanded exponentially.

In October 2022, I became a partial walk-in for Lord Maitreya. My soul has stepped aside by 50 percent to allow him to work through me.

Since early 2023, I have been lending my voice to Lord Maitreya, Yeshua, Mother Mary and St. Germain as teachers at NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY. Earth's Spiritual Digital University is an initiative of the Sanat Kumara.

My service to facilitate higher intuition and guidance through Master Teachers and consequently the unlocking of your soul's ingenuity will include:

  • the preparation of your energy field (merkaba) by seven Master Teachers: Hilarion, Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Mother Mary, Osiris, Serapis Bey, and Yeshua

  • the permanent energetic anchoring of the Master Teachers best suited for you in your energetic body (chakras and energy field)

Please email me for details.

"Soul" © Martina Violetta Jung

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